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Activities & Sightseeing

Things to do in Salento

Activities with us

During your staying at Palazzo Donna Elisabetta you can choose among a wide selection of activities. From yoga classes to chamber music, from culinary experience, to painting and sculpture classes, a huge variety of entertainments to enrich your spirit while you're in Manduria.
The three provinces

Manduria is a fresco made of colourful nuances and precious details. Thanks to its strategic position at the heart of the three provinces of Salento, it's one of the best choices to travel around Puglia and discover its treasures. A land full of art and wild nature where life is as tender and delicate as the wind in springtime and pleasures as sweet as our best nectar, the local wine, to be tasted in the many wine cellars around and at the Museum of Primitivo.

Our heritage

Among the beauties in town you can't miss Palazzo Imperiali and Convento di Sant'Antonio. Then, walk a little bit further to the thousand-year old Messapian ruins to be seen at the Archeological Park - one of the biggest in Europe - , to Fonte Pliniano and to the small Church of San Pietro Mandurino. Once out of town, your palette will be labeled "Mediterraneo", with the dark red of the soil and the green of centenary olive trees interchanged with the colours of the vineyards, with the blue of the sea blurred far into the horizon.

Our nature

To a very close driving distance there are some of the best locations on the Ionian coastline: Ayala, Borraco, Monaco Mirante. A wild paradise where nature draws the best paintings. Also, don't miss Baroque in Lecce, Taranto and the Magna Graecia historical heritage, Brindisi - door to the East - and Matera, vibrant of culture and famous for its stones. For those who love nature most, Murge in Taranto area and the regional nature reserve of the easter side of Taranto coastline are highly recommended.

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