Sleeping at Palazzo Donna Elisabetta is a noble distraction. Palazzo Donna Elisabetta’s rooms are the result of a complex but still well balanced mix between the old and the new style, between the centenary history looked after the thick walls and the comfortable design of the vintage furniture. Every single choice is studied to guarantee the harmony of the architecture with the natural elements according to the eastern wisdom of the feng shui.

Six wide rooms with private bathroom, all of them performing the same efficiency and quality standards and diverging only for their surface going from 25 to 35 m2 . Historic balconies and a suite with pastoral frescos complete the precious patchwork of a palace dating back to the late XIX century.


Breakfast at Palazzo Donna Elisabetta is a way of living. A moment full of taste and energy to refill both the body and the mind. Three stunning locations (the loggia, the terrace and the fresco room) contribute with their panorama to beautify the breakfast table full of a rich offer of local and biological products, both sweets and savoury. For a smile as fresh as the morning air.

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Palazzo Donna Elisabetta
Via Schiavoni Carissimo, 37
74024 Manduria (Taranto) Italia

0039 351 60 70 593

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