A simple taste loves the best

The hospitality at Palazzo Donna Elisabetta is fulfilled around the table. A table d’hôtes set with the best local products and embellished with the eclectic menu by the Contess who will walk you through history with the mastery of her dishes.

The offer includes specialities from the French and Naples courts and delicacies inherited by the local aristocracy. The caponata by Marie-Caroline, angel hair’s timbale, codfish mousse and potato’s quiche: a mix of smells, tastes and colours that combine the best French culinary sophistication to our traditional ingredients.

The bar in the garden cheers the guests up after a swim in the outdoor pool, a stroll into the English garden and some relax shadowed by the oak forest. One of the top experiences about you’re staying at the palace.

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Palazzo Donna Elisabetta
Via Schiavoni Carissimo, 37
74024 Manduria (Taranto) Italia

0039 351 60 70 593

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