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Palazzo Donna Elisabetta reveals itself with elegant discretion at the end of a pretty alley in the historic center of the town of Manduria, a corner of Paradise in the heart of Salento. Behind a beautiful gate stands an enchanting Italian palace built in 1881 that adorns the village of the luxuriant Messapic center, with its unparalleled scenic presence. The undisputed realm of centuries of history is palpable, where nature is an instrument of art and noble identity and through the streets of the town the whispers of Primitivo, oil and almond trees can be heard.

The majesty of the building and the elegance of the architecture, typical of the Puglia region, rich ornaments, spacious gardens … Palazzo Donna Elisabetta embodies the prestige of the houses of the Italian aristocracy and austerity rises up to the sky, evoking not coincidentally a feminine name, precisely to bestow upon itself the authority and power it deserves in a realm that endorses peace and refinement.

Enter Donna Elisabetta Palace and be enveloped in the prestigious atmosphere of an aristocratic residence and with the austere gaze of a castellan you can enjoy, almost protect, the many beauties of Puglia, living an unprecedented experience.

You will meet Donna Elisabetta and the other descendants of the noble lineage for whom family is forever and every stay is virtuous entertainment; words echo within the walls where they share with guests, expressions, memories, anecdotes, in the usual elegance of daily gestures, steeped in art and culture.

The 6 rooms are as charming as they are elegant.
In the superb dining room, the table of the Countess is a canvas painted with the colors of Puglia that remains immemorial in the minds of diners who of the subjects praise genuineness and refinement.

In the garden, nature is expressed in an informal English romantic conception and propagates Mediterranean essences that summon to inevitable pleasant walks among the spontaneity of the landscapes. In fact, the gardens of the Palazzo extend for about 4000 m2 with French forests, grottoes, various fantasies of flowers and jasmine, oaks from 1880, an English rose garden, and many more… It is undoubtedly a beautiful natural setting for weddings and other major ceremonies and events.

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Palazzo Donna Elisabetta
Via Schiavoni Carissimo, 37
74024 Manduria (Taranto) Italia

0039 351 60 70 593

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