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Palazzo Donna Elisabetta is concealed into the narrow and old Apulian streets, in Manduria. It reveals itself to its guests at the bottom of a small street, Via Schiavoni Carissimo, which is a direct path to the building. Being at the very centre of the three main cities in Salento (Taranto, Brindisi and Lecce), you can easilyt drive here. Also, there are flights from all over Italy and from the main European destinations. Whether it’s a long staying or a quick stop during your Apulian tour, let the vintage beauty and the marvellous nature of Manduria conquer you.


DFrom Bari: A14 to Taranto and then Manduria.
From Brindisi: SS7.

Brindisi International Airport – Link
40 minutes driving.

Bari International Airport – Link
one and half minutes driving,

Taranto , 36 km, 40′
Brindisi, 51 km, 40′
Lecce, 56 km, 40′
Bari, 139 km, 1h30

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    Palazzo Donna Elisabetta
    Via Schiavoni Carissimo, 37
    74024 Manduria (Taranto) Italia

    0039 351 60 70 593

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